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I'm Ready

by Malcolm-Jamal Warner Miles's Long

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"I'm Ready," featuring the incredible Stokley Williams, is the first single off the forthcoming EP, entitled "Selfless," It's a piece about finding my voice, being comfortable in my own skin, and not being ruled by other people's opinion of me. It's a tricky place to be because, as an artist, what people think about you and your art is an important part of connecting to your audience and therefore, your success. However, living your life trying to please everyone else is not living.

"I'm Ready" is dedicated to everyone who has found their voice and to those who, like me, are still on the journey of finding their voice. And may it serve as inspiration and an invitation to those who feel stuck in wanting to be liked, to get unstuck. People will like you, others will not. Some will love you, some will hate you. It's the yin and yang of life. In a way, it makes it a beautiful journey of discovering and loving who you are. Haters, well, the worst they can do is hate. So I'm consciously "living life like it's platinum." And in the words of the ever so wise Stokley Williams, "When the haters come around, I'll be like teflon."

Love, Peace, and Blessings...

Mally Mal


  • 5:33
    Malcolm-Jamal Warner featuring Stokley Williams (Selfless CD)
  • 6:27
    Malcolm-Jamal Warner's Miles Long ( From CD: Love and Other Social Issues)
  • 4:21
    Malcolm-Jamal Warner's Miles Long ( From CD: Love and Other Social Issues)
  • 5:38
    Robert Glasper Experiment, Featuring Lalah Hathaway and Malcolm-Jamal Warner (From CD: Black Radio 2)
  • 6:01
    Malcolm-Jamal Warner with Polcat
  • 6:01
    Malcolm-Jamal Warner's Miles Long (From CD: Themileslongmixtape)